Golden Dolphin Estate Amenities

Luxurious amenities for you and your guests.

Every square inch of the Golden Dolphin Estate was designed to provide the ultimate in pleasure and comfort. Whether your group prefers an active vacation, an indulgent escape, or the perfect combination of both, these luxury amenities will satisfy your desires. And, like the rest of our estate, all of these offerings belong to you and only you for the duration of your stay.

Golden Dolphin Estate Amenities Spa

In-Villa Spa

You and your guests can indulge in a blissful spa experience without ever leaving our grounds. Simply escape to the private spa suite located right inside the Main Villa, where you can choose from a variety of services to pamper the soul and enliven the spirit.
Golden Dolphin Estate Private Beach

Private Beach

In addition to the pristine sands, soaring palms, and sparkling blue ocean, beaches long the north coast are best known for what they are missing: the crowds. And what could be better than having your own personal stretch of shoreline for the week. From afternoon picnics to sunset dinners, your party is free to enjoy the Golden Dolphin Estate beach in total privacy.
Golden Dolphin Estate Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Your elegant private swimming pool is nestled on the side of a cliff, adjacent to our lovely Pool Villa. Beautiful tropical gardens surround the area, so you can relax and enjoy yourself in a secluded and serene atmosphere. And, no need to step out of the pool before you’re ready. Our hosts will be more than happy to serve your favorite snacks and beverages poolside.
Golden Dolphin Estate Rear Deck Jacuzzi


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finish off a magnificent meal with after dinner drinks in a warm, bubbling Jacuzzi? You can, because just steps away from the dining room, you’ll find our hidden hot tub, conveniently tucked away in the most isolated part of the estate.
Golden Dolphin Estate Amenities Baseball Field

Baseball Field

Imagine getting your entire group together for an impromptu baseball game right in your own backyard. Only the Golden Dolphin offers such an extraordinary activity right on site. Our baseball field is size of a real baseball stadium, and features a skybox for those who prefer to just cheer the players on.
Golden Dolphin Estate Golf Amenities


Right on the estate we have an excellent driving range where you can practice and perfect your swing before venturing off site to enjoy one of the many top-rated golf courses located just minutes away from the Golden Dolphin.
Golden Dolphin Estate Wine and Dine

Wine Cellar

Whether you want a bottle of expensive bubbly or just crisp afternoon sipping wine our private wine cellar has just what you’re looking for. We stock our shelves with a wide variety of excellent wines from Europe, the United States and South America. Access to the wine cellar is available for an additional charge.
Golden Dolphin Estate Elevator


From just off the main entryway of the estate up to the Lion Suite and Guest Suite, our private villa elevator is always available for those who need it. With the assistance of the elevator and staff, the main villa of Golden Dolphin easily becomes handicap accessible.
Golden Dolphin Estate Grass Tennis Court

Tennis Courts

Take advantage of the Golden Dolphin Estate’s private grass tennis courts. There’s no need to reserve the court as it’s located right on site — no lines, no waiting time and no hassles. The perfectly groomed grass court is ready day and night for you and your group to try your hand.
Golden Dolphin Estate Billiards Pool Table


What better group entertainment than a game of billiards? One on one, two on one…the party is just beginning. It’s a fun and exciting game perfect for evening entertainment. The custom designed pool table is set just off the great room providing easy access and a stunning view of both the mountains and the ocean.