Golden Dolphin Estate Grass Tennis Court

A Tropical Wimbledon.

Transport yourself to the grounds of Wimbledon where you can play on the same style challenging grass tennis courts but at your very own private Caribbean vacation villa. No lines, no waiting and no hassle to get a court time. This perfectly groomed grass tennis court is ready day and night for you and your group to try your hand.

Of all surfaces used outdoors for tennis, grass is the fastest and most challenging. A grass tennis court is excellent for power servers, such as the owner of Golden Dolphin Villa, and other players with flatter groundstrokes. Recognizing the challenging aspects of grass, the owner of this five star private villa decided to install his very own beautiful grass tennis court here in the Caribbean.

The private grass tennis court here at Golden Dolphin Villa is solely for the use and enjoyment of your group. Located near the Pool Villa, our Caribbean grass tennis court is maintained daily to provide the best, most challenging surface for your game. Even if you have never played tennis before, the grass tennis courts at Golden Dolphin Villa are perfect for you to begin.

Grass tennis courts are the fastest type of tennis court and should be played with shoes designed to prevent sliding. In the Caribbean, particularly at Golden Dolphin Villa, the players often play barefoot so they can scrunch up the grass with their toes. When playing on a grass tennis court you will find that the volleys are short and serve plays are more important than on other, lesser quality courts.

Examples of famous tennis players who have excelled on grass tennis courts include John McEnroe, Roger Federer and quite possibly the best overall tennis player of the past century, Pete Sampras. All of these players and more leverage the power and speed of a grass tennis court over the other styles. Although the most famous grass tennis court in the world might be Centre Court at Wimbledon, you might soon believe that the most entertaining grass tennis court is the private tennis court at Golden Dolphin Villa. Who knows, maybe you can also become a ‘grass court specialist.’

Have you ever served a tennis ball and heard it hit a grass court? Probably not because it is almost without sound. A tennis ball whacking into the soft grass does not emit the loud ‘thunk’ so often heard on other tennis courts. Running to return the serve, instead of the clomping of tennis shoes you will hear the silky rustling of your feet dancing through the grass. Come and try, you’ll soon find out why grass tennis courts are among the most coveted courts of all!